Madison, Tennessee Automotive Mechanics

Our automotive mechanics,  combined have over 85 years of experience.
team photo

From left to right: Leroy Dishman, BJ Howald, Brian Howald, Carol Howald, Dusty, Giessepi Sosta, Karl Fitch

Leroy Dishman graduated Nashville Auto Diesel College in April of 1970 and owned his own business in East Nashville for 32 years. Master Certified.

Brian Howald Jr. (B.J.) graduated Nashville Auto Diesel College in 2004 and has worked here since 1999. BJ is ASE certified in brakes, steering/suspension, air conditioning, manual transmission, and engine repair. Master Certified.

Brian A Howald Sr. is owner and mechanic. Brian is a graduate of Lima Automotive College since 1970. Brian is Master Certified in engine repair, automatic trans/trans axles, manual drive train and axles, suspension and steering, brakes, electrical/electronic systems, heating and air condition, engine performance, specializes in Corvettes. Master Certified.

Carol Howald has been office manager since 1999. Proud mother of 3, Nonnie to 14 priceless grandkids and Dusty’s personal attendee.

Dusty is the shop mascot and General Manager since 2018.

Giuseppe Sosta is a graduate of Nashville Auto Diesel since February 2021 and specializes in brakes, oil changes, tires and in training for more.

Karl Fitch is a graduate of Nashville Auto Diesel College since 1994. Karl is a certified Saturn Technician. Works on most makes and models and specializes in Saturns. Karl has been with Community Garage since 1999! Master Certified.

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